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Most home theater projectors use an LED or bulb-based lamp design to project the image. Laser projectors use a different light source that allows them to provide a broader range of colors and a sharper image. Generally speaking, the best laser projector will offer a superior picture to a lamp-based projector.

We’ve rounded up our favorite laser projectors and reviewed them below. Taking everything together, the BenQ V7050i is our top choice. It combines a phenomenal picture with an ultra-short throw and bright lamp, as well as wireless streaming.

That said, each of the projectors below has its strengths. Let’s compare them side by side on the key features.

Reviews of the Best Laser Projectors

BenQ V7050i – Best Overall Laser Projector


  • Sharp, high-contrast 4K image
  • Cinematic color (98% of DCI-P3 spectrum)
  • Filmmaker Mode enhances movie quality
  • Automatic tone mapping
  • Comes with Android TV dongle
  • Ultra-short throw distance
  • Low-maintenance, dust-resistant design


  • Netflix isn’t supported
  • Android interface isn’t built in

The BenQ V7050i is a low-maintenance and user-friendly home theater projector. It’s designed to repel dust and has a lamp lifespan of up to 20,000 hours, so it doesn’t need frequent upkeep. Setting it up is a breeze, too, with an ultra-short throw distance that will produce a massive picture from just about a foot away.

During our video quality testing, the picture quality of the V7050i was impressive, too. It uses HDR-PRO tone mapping to optimize the color and contrast of the image. The wide color gamut and Filmmaker Mode bring cinema-level quality to movies.

While it’s not the brightest projector on the list, its short throw limits the impact of ambient light. You’ll still want to have good curtains for your windows, but you won’t need to turn all the lights off to watch.

The BenQ V7050i comes with an Android TV dongle for streaming. Keep in mind you’ll need to use one of the HDMI ports for it, which we experienced can be a bit annoying if you have lots of devices, especially since it only has 2 HDMI inputs total. Having said that, it is wirelessly equipped and can mirror content from devices, so it still has ample connectivity for many users.

Our hands-on review of the BenQ V7050i

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